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My Wi-Fi Plant Sensor stopped transmitting readings. What could be the problem?

Last Updated: Mar 27, 2014 08:35AM UTC
If your Wi-Fi Plant Sensor no longer transmits, there could be several reasons. Please check the following
  • Are the batteries still good? If not, please replace them.
  • Is there interference from any other device? Interference can be caused by other Wi-Fi devices, or by other wireless devices transmitting on 2.4 GHz (such as wireless cameras, loudspeakers, ...). In some cases, it may help to switch the Wi-Fi channel.
  • Is your internet connection still good, and can you reach via your access point? In some cases, there may be problems with the providers DNS server. In that case, it helps to configure your router to use Googles DNS servers ( and/or - see section "Routers").

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