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How do I configure the Wi-Fi Plant Sensor?

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2015 05:59AM UTC

What needs to be configured and how is it done?

The aim of the configuration is to connect your plant sensor with the Internet (through your Wi-Fi access point / router) so that it can talk to the Koubachi servers. This is done in the following steps:
  1. Setup the communication between your computer or mobile device and the plant sensor.
  2. Provide the plant sensor the name and password of your Wi-Fi network. The sensor then connects to your Wi-Fi network and starts talking to our servers. If something goes wrong, the sensor returns an error code.

How to start the configuration

To configure your plant sensor simply navigate to in a web browser. You then will be redirected to the configuration method that works best for your device: Carefully follow the instructions and you should be done. In case that you encounter a problem, read the following information for a solution or open a support ticket so that we can help you out.

Problem: fail to switch sensor to config mode

When the sensor cannot be put into config mode (status light does not turn and stay orange), read the following article.

Problem: communication error

The first step in the configuration process is to setup the communication between the device you run the configuration and the plant sensor. If you encounter a connection error, the following article can help you out.


Problem: the plant sensor returned an error code

The configuration process might fail returning a sensor error code. Find specific information on common error codes in the following articles:
Code Article
1/1 Why is my Wi-Fi network selection invalid?
1/2 Why is my Wi-Fi network not supported?
1/3 What if sensor fails to connect to Wi-Fi network?
1/5 What can make the connection to the access point fail?
2/7 Why is resolving '' not possible?
2/8 Failed to connect to ''. What shall I do?
1/12 What makes sensor fail to connect to WEP Wi-Fi network?
1/13 What's a valid WEP key format?
1/14 What's a valid WPA key format?
2/17 What makes the Koubachi server response being invalid?

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